All of the colours!

The yarn for Gwlana has arrived! Delivered in person by Felix, the giant bag o’ yarny Jamieson & Smith colour is a delight for (nearly) all the senses. I squished. Sniffed. Looked. Listened. I stopped short of tasting, but only just.

One doesn’t need All of the Colours in order to play Match Yarn Monday, of course, but it’s very nice that they’re all here for me to use on this particular Monday, and all of the Monday’s to come in the foreseeable future. Let’s play, shall we?


This image of beautiful sprouting broccoli was taken by Felix, during our day out last Thursday. We began the day by taking pictures of flowers at Stackpole Walled Garden, followed by cake, which is as good a way to begin such an excursion as any I can think of. We walked for hours through the woods around Bosherston Lily Ponds, to the cliffs above Barafundle Beach, and then back again. It was warm, sunny, and there were lambs. What more could one ask for from a day out with my dear friend?

Today I chose J&S FC14 for the shadows, FC52 and FC51, respectively, as my mid-value and light value mauves. For the hot yellow flowers I chose solid coloured 23, which gets the job done, with heathery 121 for the mid value. I’m finding 121 is a particular workhorse for me. Then I added 96, a solid that reads between yellow and cream, depending on how you use it. What I wished for as I matched yarn to broccoli, was a solid mid-tone mauve with which to replace FC51. A toned down version of the thistle-coloured shade 49 that, value-wise, reads like 23, my darkest yellow. I think 49 might work in this palette, and I’d absolutely swatch it, even though I suspect it’s too strong a colour. It might, however, work if used in small amounts, in rows where it doesn’t fight with 23, the solid yellow.

Felix and I also made time for a little recording on Sunday morning, before heading off to pay a visit to Beggars Reach. The staff were happy to see us, and are delighted to be welcoming knitters back to the hotel. Watch this space for details about the podcast containing our chat!